What is a battle ready sword

The Japanese Katana swords are considered the best swords to be used on a battlefield. Though the credit for the popularity of the sword should be given to the great Samurai warriors of the past who wielded it with such power and expertise, you cannot deny the fact that these swords are versatile and the ability of the warriors to draw it quickly helped them win in one-to-one conflicts in the battlefield. Because in a battle field the timing of your attack really matters.The Battle Ready Katana Sword produced today are made to order and produced using almost the same process employed by the swordsmiths of ancient Japan

What will make a sword Battle Ready?

A word can be considered as a battle ready one if it is produced to meet the quality standards of the Katanas in quality and functionality. The Battle Ready KLatana Sword is judged based on features such as

• Type of steel used
• The heat treatment
• Hilt integrity and Full Tang construction.


Quality of the steel
You have swords made of different materials and of different qualities of steel in the market labeled as a functional sword or a battle ready sword. You cannot go by the words the merchants use to market their products. In order to be considered as a Battle Ready Katana Sword, the blade has to be made with

• AISI 10XX Carbon steel- This refers to the plain carbon steel that contains manganese, iron, and carbon. The xx indicates the carbon content of the steel which could be 45,60,95 and so on. The higher the carbon content the harder will the steel be.

• AISI 5160 Carbon steel- This refers to Carbon steel with chromium and Silicon. The silicon content makes the swords slightly more resistant to corrosion.

Heat treatment
Even a High-quality steel blade can turn useless if the heat treatment is done in an improper manner. If the sword is not heat treated properly, the blade would be very brittle and it would break when it is struck. You definitely cannot call such a sword a battle ready sword. A Battle Ready KatanaSword is differentially heat treated to score high on the hardness index.

Hilt and Full tang construction
The Battle Ready Katana Swordhave a Full Tang construction, which gives it the balance and resilience to tolerate repeated attacks.

Look for these features and buy Battle Ready Swords from reputed dealers online.